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General Info
General Information    
Two distinct seasons: Dry summer months from November to May, and rainy months from June to October. Coolest months from November to February (average temperature 26 C). and warmest April and May (average temperature 30 C). Wear light clothing, with some warmer clothes for visits to cooler mountain regions. When formal attire is required, a coat and tie will do.
Philippine Peso (Piso) made up one hundred centavos (sentimos). Coins in 5, 10, 25 and 50 centavos, one (1) and five (5) pesos (PhP). Paper denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 pesos. As a general rule, money changers and banks offer a better exchange rate for foreign currency than hotels. Always demand an exchange receipt, to enable you to reconvert your unspent local currency, upon departure.
A valid passport is required for all visitors. Check with the Philippine Embassy or Consulate for Visa requirements. As a rule, visitors may stay without a visa up to 21 days, provided they possess an onward or return journey ticket.
The standard tip is ten (10%) percent of the total amount of the bill. Hotels and restaurants, however, automatically add this amount as service charge, plus any applicable tax. Additional tip is optional. Five to ten pesos per bag for hotel porters/bellboys is expected, depending on the amount of your luggage. Taxi drivers are usually tipped depending on the figure in the taxi meter.
110 dialects are spoken in the various regions and islands. However, most Filipinos speak the national language, Pilipino, and a majority speak English, which is the basic language for business, government, schools and everyday communications. Spanish is still spoken by a few, among the affluent in particular.
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The most common complaint is stomach troubles. All Thai pharmacies have over the counter medications. Remember to stay hydrated.
The health industry in Thailand is one of the booming tourist businesses. For relatively little money you can have plastic surgery or spend your holiday in a spa resort indulging in thai massages, cleansing therapies, saunas and a long list of other treatments.
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