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General Info
General Information    
Indonesia experiences hot, humid weather throughout the year, especially along the coastal areas. The inland highlands are somewhat cooler. The climate of Indonesia is dominated by heavy monsoon rains, which occur between December and March, often causing damage and making local travel difficult. The best time to travel to Indonesia is therefore during the dry season, between April and October.
Rupiah (IDR) is the official currency and is divided into 100 sen. Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at banks, hotels and money changers in major tourist destinations; US dollars is the most accepted currency. Cash often yields a better exchange rate than travellers cheques, which are not always accepted. It is recommended that travellers cheques also be in US dollars. Most major credit cards are accepted at hotels, restaurants and stores catering to the tourist trade. ATMs are available in main centres. Small change is often unavailable so keep small denomination notes and coins for items like bus fares, temple donations and cool drinks.
The name Indonesia was derived from "indos nesos", meaning islands near India, The country is in fact the largest archipelago in the world with a thousand islands, 17,508 to be precise, spread in an area between the Asian continent and Australia, and between the Pacific and the Indian oceans.
Major hotels add a 10% service charge to bills. Where it is not included a tip of between 5% to 10% of the bill would be appreciated. Airport porters usually receive around Rp 2,000 per small bag. Tipping taxi and rental car drivers is not mandatory, but if you do choose to tip, Rp 1,000 is sufficient for taxi drivers and a little more for rental car drivers.
Sundanesein West Java likes to eat fresh vegetables and sambal. Sundanese like to drink tea without sugar. So don't be surprised when they offer you tea but not sweat. Ask for sugar. Javanese likes to eat sweet. Tea will be sweet. Padang (West Sumatra) likes to eat hot/spicy food. They are famous for their spicy food and fast delivery. The waiter can bring dozens of plates with various dishes with his two hands in one trip. You'll eat whatever you like and at the end of meal the waiter will calculate the price. You'll find "Rumah Makan Padang" (Padang restaurant) everywhere in Indonesia.
The international access code for Indonesia is +62. The outgoing code is 001 or 008 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 00144 for the United Kingdom); it is not necessary to dial the first zero of the area code. City/area codes are in use, e.g. 36 for Bali and 21 for Jakarta. For operator-assisted international calls, phone 101. The local mobile phone operators use GSM networks and have roaming agreements with most international operators. Internet cafes are available in the main towns and resorts.
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