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Phnom Penh
The Cambodian capital is an attractive riverside city of broad boulevards, lively markets and exotic restaurants and cafes. Four years of Khmer Rouge abandonment left Phnom Penh in a shabby and battered state, which it is still trying to put right. The Royal Palace is the most important cultural monument, and the riverside area is the best place to go for eating and other main tourist sights.
Angkor Wat
Although the distinction has been devalued by countless tourist brochures, Angkor Wat, in northwestern Cambodia, fully deserves to be considered one of the wonders of the world. Angkor Thom, or "Great City"comprises a huge area of ceremonial buildings, but the temple of Angkor Wat is the undisputed highlight. Construction of this masterpiece is thought to have begun during the reign of Surayavarman II (1112-1152), and completed some time after his death.
Siem Reap
The base town for people visiting the nearby temples of Angkor, Siem Reap is a relaxing and pleasant place located by the shady banks of the Siem Reap River. Near the centre stands the celebrated Raffles Grand Hotel Angkor, visited over the years by luminaries such as Charlie Chaplin, W. Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
Tonle Sap
The moment you step-on to the island-jetty and walk across the beautiful nautilus mosaic in the lobby floor, you may feel and realize that this is a classy place. It is the latest enterprise of a major player in five star international hotels; the one before this was the ultra- chic Metropolitan hotel on Parke Lane, London. The rooms are disbursed into five categories: Beach Bungalow (sixty two), Beach Bungalow with POOL (five), Water Bungalow (thirty four), Navaranna Water Villa's (two) and Kuda Hurrah Beach Villa (two). Thus all-together there are 105 rooms in this 5 star.

Koh Kong
The new bridge and the road to Phnom Penh is now open. Koh Kong is a quaint and interesting border village that shouldn't be missed. Stop and enjoy us while traveling through SE Asia. Villages like Koh Kong are getting very rare nowadays. Children say hello, ice is cut by hand and although life is slow it is very enjoyable.
Kampong Thom
Commonly known as Sihanoukville, this resort on the southwest coast is considered the heart of Cambodia's "Riviera". There are numerous hotels, restaurants and nightlife, including many places run by expat Australian, French and British entrepreneurs. The main activities for visitors are sunbathing and swimming; there's also good snorkellingand fishing locally, while diving trips are available with good diving instructors.

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