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Host to the Olympic Games in 2000, Sydney gained its popularity through the vast numbers who came to watch as well as to explore many of Sydney¡¯s famous places of interest. These include the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge, the romantic Darling Harbour and the worldly famous Sydney Opera House. Sydney is built around its magnificent Harbour with most of the surrounding foreshore set aside as national parks allowing for a relaxing afternoons picnic with the family or a good sporting game. Otherwise set out on a memorable cruise and take in the magical sunset and surrounding views.
Melbourne is known to be one of Australia¡¯s most cosmopolitan and lively cities with ethnic diversities ranging from all around the globe. The Melbourne people have a real passion for indulging in fine food and drinks, therefore allowing for a wide range of Australian as well as international dining experiences. Be sure to head to Lygon Street which is one of Australia¡¯s great food precincts. Melbourne is a real style-setter with some of the best shopping complexes only a short stroll from the CBD.
Known locally as Bris Vegas, Brisbane has a lot to offer its tourists. With a thriving CBD, Brisbane is the capital of its state, Queensland. The city is renowned as a thriving arts capital with its many theatres, cinemas, concert halls, galleries and museums. The weather is always pleasent and usually 95% of the time, the sun is shining.
Gold Coast
With the sparkling blue water and the golden sandy beaches, it is no wonder the slogan for the Gold Coast is ¡®Beautiful one day, Perfect the next!¡¯ The atmosphere on the Gold Coast is always lively with plenty to do whether it is day or night. The Surfers Paradise lifestyle is ever so relaxed and pleasant that the locals say they feel as if they are always on holidays. With over six different theme parks full of surprises and rides, they cater for all ages and are great family fun.

Sunshine Coast
The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia¡¯s hot spots to get away and enjoy the sunshine. Here almost all of the hotels are absolute beach front and with its four most famous beaches, Coolum, Maroochydore, Alexandra Headland and Mooloolaba they combine to create one long stretch of fun for the not only the kids but the whole family. Activities such as fishing or surfing are the local norms. Classes can be arranged for anyone interested in learning how to surf and a local boat can be hired easily for anyone keen to do some serious fishing.
As the capital of Australia, Canberra offers plenty to do such as visit the Parliament House as well as the Old Parliament House, The Aboriginal Tent Embassy, The Australian War Memorial and also its lovely Lake Burley Griffin. This gorgeous lake was named after the famous American architect who planned the layout of the city bringing it sophistication, open parklands, wide avenues and its amazing buildings where its services and facilities benefit the Australian people.

Perth is renowned for its amazing stretches of beautiful golden beaches. For anyone who loves to lie in the sand and soak up the sun, Sunset Coast is the ideal place to be. Being located in the west, it allows for a perfect way to end a relaxing day at the beach with its famous sunsets. On the weekends, head down to Fremantle where there are popular markets and plenty of entertainment as well as a wide array of alfresco cafes.
Cairns is home to the amazing Great Barrier Reef that stretches up along the state of Queensland. Here you can jump in a boat and head out to the reef and try scuba diving. The reefs popularity attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to marvel at the incredible marine life and rainbows of coral. For those who would prefer to soak up the sun but still enjoy the views, you can hop on one of the cruise boats that can whisk you away and show you the entire surrounding area.

Port Douglas
Legend has it that two deities ?the volcano goddess Pele and the demi-god Kamapua'a (the latter of whom could control the weather)? struck a deal to make the vast Big Island of Hawaii's west side so dry, and its east side so wet. The story's short version is that, after a battle, the pair divided the island in two, with Pele taking the western half and Kamapua'a, the eastern.
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