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Brief Introduction


The highlight of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are all collected in the Three Gorges, and the highlight of the Three Gorges are all collected in this Yangtze River Cruise tour!
Recommended Itinerary
Day 01: Afternoon flight Beijing/Chongqing Our guide will pick you up at Chongqing airport and
send you to the pier. Your Yangtze River tour begins at about 22:00 as you board the deluxe EAST KING cruise ship.
Day 02: Shibaozhai Shore Excursion Disembark for the shore excursion to Shibaozhai in the
morning. Shibaozhai, The nine-story Precious Stone Stronghold, represents the first gem of
Chinese architecture to be encountered on the downstream journey of the Yangtze. After the
tour,back on board to continue the cruise.
Day 03: Yangtze Three Gorges and Shennong Stream Excursion Pass the Qutang Gorge,
the first Gorge on the Yangtze river, and enjoy the exquisite peaks and grotesquely shaped
rocks.The river guides will talk about historic sites such as Ancient Plank Road, Mengliang
Stairway and the hanging coffins. Pass the Wu Gorge with its famous lofty and misty peaks.
After passing the two Gorges, disembark for the shore excursion to Shennong Stream. After that,
Sail through the Xiling Gorge and the Three Gorges Ship lock.
Day 04: Three Gorges Dam/ Yichang/ Afternoon flight Yichang/Beijing
Disembark for the Three Gorges Dam Shore Excursion, the new and still under
construction Three Gorges Dam Project. Pack your luggage and complete check-out
procedures before the ship arrives in Yichang at about 11:30. Our guide will meet you on
board and send you to the airport for the flight back to Beijing.